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Invited Workshops, Seminars, and Plenary Talks


Benneyan JC (2000), "Applying Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Health Care: Understanding and Managing Variation", 5th European Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care, invited full-day workshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Benneyan JC (1998), "Measuring Performance and Improvement from a Statistical Quality Management Perspective", 15th International Society for Quality in Health Care Conference, invited, Budapest, Hungary.

Research Seminars

Benneyan JC (2009), "Exact Risk-Adjusted Healthcare Spatial-Temporal Surveillance via a Family of New Sequential Probability Ratio Tests", invited, Dartmouth College Jones Lecture, Dartmouth College, January 2010, Hanover, NH.

Benneyan JC (2009), "Healthcare Process Simulation", invited, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, August 2009, Worcester, MA.

Benneyan JC (2009), "Industrial and Quality Engineering Methods in Healthcare Process Improvement", invited, Dartmouth College, March 2009, Hanover, NH.

Benneyan JC (2008), "The Quality, Safety, and Reliability Imperative", invited plenary, First Annual Healthcare Engineering Symposium of the Healthcare Engineering Alliance, North Carolina State University, June 2008.

Benneyan JC (2007), "Risk-adjusted sequential probability ratio tests for heterogeneous adverse healthcare events", invited, University of Michigan, April 2007, Ann Arbor, MI.

Benneyan JC (2006), "Statistical Monitoring and Control of Patient-Level Data", invited, NIH-NSF Point of Care Technologies Workshop, April 2006, Washington DC.

Benneyan JC (2006), "Statistical surveillance and control of healthcare processes", invited, Mayo Clinic, December 2006.

Benneyan JC (2006), "Statistical Surveillance of Healthcare Reliability and Risk-Adjusted Adverse Events", invited, University of Massachusetts, October 2006, Amherst, MA.

Benneyan JC (2006), "Signal Detection Models for Core Measure Bundles and Risk-Adjusted Adverse Events", invited, Purdue University, May 2006, West Lafayette, IN.

Benneyan JC (2006), "Healthcare Quality and Reliability Models", Spring Research Colloquia, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, Northeastern University, January 2006.

Benneyan JC (2001), "The Role of Industrial Engineering in Health Care", invited, University of Central Florida and IIE student chapter, September 2001.

Benneyan JC (1999), "Some Discrete Modeling Problems in Industrial Quality Control", Spring Research Colloquia, Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering Dept, Northeastern University, March 1999.

Workshops, Lectures, and Webinars

Benneyan JC (2017), "Systems Engineering in the Hospital: What is in Your Toolkit?", Society for Hospital Medicine Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

Benneyan JC (2009), "Measurement Strategies for Hospital Acquired Infections", California Hospital Associated Infection Prevention Initiative (CHAIPI), July 16 2009 (50 participating hospitals)

Benneyan JC (2009), "HAI Measurement Approaches: Measuring Improvement, Rare Events, and Reaching Goals", American Arab Israeli International Collaboration Healthcare Associated Infections Network, March 19 2009 (12 participating US and Israel hospitals).

Benneyan JC (2002), "Process Improvement Methods and the PDSA Improvement Model", Harvard University Health Services, training workshop, May 2002, Cambridge MA.

Benneyan JC (2002), "The QMN Safety Campaign and A Model for Improvement", Quality Management Network, Fall 2001 Meeting, October 7-8, 2001.

Benneyan JC (2001), "A Training Exercise for the PDSA Model for Improvement", Bureau of Primary Health Care Asthma Collaborative, Project conference faculty, 3-day workshop (part 1 of 3), August 16-18, 2001, Washington DC.

Benneyan JC (2000), "Effective Use of Statistical Process Control in Infection Control and Epidemiology", Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, full-day workshop, annual conference, Minneapolis, MN.

Benneyan JC (1999), "The Application of Industrial Quality Control Methods to Hospital Infections and Adverse Events", Boston Children’s Hospital, multi-day workshop, Boston, MA.

Benneyan JC (1999), "Using Control Charts in Epidemiology and Infection Control", Society of Healthcare Epidemiology of America, workshop at the Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Benneyan JC (1998), "Using Data and SPC to Measure and Improve Healthcare Quality, IIE Society of Health Systems Annual Conference, half-day workshop, Memphis, TN.

Benneyan JC (1998), "Use of Statistical Quality Control in Healthcare", Mercy Health Systems and Clark Hospital, Two-day workshop, January 1998, Des Moines, Iowa.

Benneyan JC (1995), "An Introduction to Using Statistical Process Control (SPC) Within Health Care", International Applied Statistics in Medicine Conference, Dallas, TX.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement workshops, 3-day training sessions, webinars
[ × ] … "Measuring Improvement, Rare Events, and Goal Attainment", Hospital Acquired Infections Collaborative, webinar, September 2008.

… "Reliability Design in Clinical Care Processes", Atlanta, June 2005.

… "Measuring Rare Surgical Site Infections and Time-Between Measures", Atlanta, June 2005.

… "Specialty Access and Flow: Engineering Concepts and Tests of Change", September 2005.

… "Stochastic Scheduling Rules for Specialty Access Clinics", February 2005.

… "Improving Access and Efficiency in Clinical Office Practices I", February 6-8, 2002. (26 hospitals)

… "Improving Access and Efficiency in Clinical Office Practices II", October 1-2, 2001. (26 hospitals)

… "Quantum Leaps in Patient Safety", June 2001. (42 hospitals)

… "Improving Patient Safety in High Hazard Areas III", May 10-11, 2001. (44 hospitals)

… "Improving Patient Safety in High Hazard Areas II", January 17-18, 2001. (44 hospitals)

… "Improving Patient Safety in High Hazard Areas I", September 14-15, 2000. (44 hospitals)

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society workshops
[ × ] … "Introduction to Continuous Quality Improvement and Statistical Process Control" half-day workshop, annual conference, February 2002, Dallas, TX.

… "Engineering Project Management and Statistical Process Control Workshop", half-day workshop at annual conference, February 1998, Orlando, FL.

… "The Role of Management Engineering in Improving Process Quality", half-day workshop at annual conference, February 1997, San Diego, CA.

… "SPC (Statistical Process Control) Workshop", half-day workshop at annual conference, February 1997, San Diego, CA.

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