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CMS Regional Extension Center

In 2012, the Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute at Northeastern University was awarded a major $8 million 3-year grant from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) to conduct a National Demonstration Project of the value that systems engineering methods used in other complex industries can have to reduce healthcare costs, improve quality and safety, reduce waits and delays, and improve clinical outcomes and overall population health.

The CMMI grant, led by principal investigator Dr. James Benneyan, funds the first phase of a large scale 10-year project to establish a national network of healthcare systems engineering regional extension centers across the U.S. The goal within this first phase is to demonstrate the potential impact and viability of extending this initiative on a national scale.


Each healthcare systems engineering (ISyE) regional extension center will work with local health systems to apply industrial engineering tools and methods towards implementing the “triple aim” of lower cost, better care, and better population health. A national network of ISyE centers will generate visibility and demand for ISyE tools and applications, with the desired effect to significantly expand the industrial engineer workforce within healthcare. The potential cost savings impact on the healthcare industry could be in the billions if projects are replicated successfully across the country.


We are very pleased with our growth and progress as we start moving from the “prototype” to “production” phase. From 2012-2013, our team has gained valuable experience from prototyping projects in the Boston area, and now we can accelerate our activities and standardize procedures and processes across multiple health systems. We continue to seek new projects with significant impact on cost, care, and health in Boston and beyond. 

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