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Center for Healthcare
Engineering Research

About CHER

The Center for Healthcare Engineering (CHER) is a vibrant collaborative research center modeled on our membership in the National Science Foundation industry-university collaborative research center program to conduct joint research and applied projects on topics of mutual member interest. CHER is housed within the Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute (HSyE) at Northeastern University working with affiliated faculty, researchers, health systems, and technology organizations across the country.

As part of the HSyE Institute, CHER plays a vital role in immediate impact on emerging problems, early research incubation, fostering healthcare healthcare/university partnerships, co-education of graduate and undergraduate students. Please feel free to browse our pages to learn more about those activities and contact us for more information about membership and benefits of getting involved.



James C. Benneyan, PhD

Co-Principal Investigator


Basma Bargal

Research Coordinator


Tze Sheng Yap

Systems Engineer

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