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Title: Understanding Variation in Healthcare

Teaching statistical improvement concepts need not be boring nor didactic. Some of last century’s greatest quality ambassadors developed games to help improvement leaders experience first-hand important concepts such as common versus special cause variation, experimentation, variation reduction, and process tampering. This workshop runs several of these classic games to help attendees experience and internalize ‘thinking like a statistician’ in a pragmatic way, including Deming’s red bead game, Nelson’s funnel experiment, Box’s helicopter exercise, and others.

At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand key concepts of special cause variation, variation reduction, and process tampering

  • Experience the value of control charts and designed experiments

  • Describe key statistical thinking concepts important to healthcare management and improvement

Registration: $75


Title: Introduction to predictive analysis in healthcare

The use of data mining in healthcare has become a necessity as providers are under increased pressure to make their processes more efficient and as ever more patient data are being collected via EHR systems. This workshop will provide an introduction to the two main classes of data mining algorithms, predictive / supervised and descriptive / unsupervised, including data preprocessing considerations, guidelines for appropriate use, and review of published case studies. Topics covered include dimensionality reduction, classification (e.g., decision trees, support vector machines, neural networks), cluster analysis, association rules mining, and/or outlier detection. Several exercises using freely-available data analysis software (R) will allow attendees to gain experience in applying common predictive modeling and pattern recognition methods to healthcare data sets.

At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key concepts of data mining and machine learning

  • Understand the process and key steps to create a predictive model

  • Identify the appropriate method for a given data mining application

  • Describe the potential value of predictive modeling for healthcare

Registration: $75

Title: Exploring Safety II methods and other new ideas in safety

Despite significant progress in improving safety over the years, mainly using basic improvement methods, patient harm remains a major concern. Recent advancements in the field of safety and reliability science include Safety II methods, resilience design etc. This workshop will introduce these new advancements and give attendees experience in applying some of the new methods.

At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand key concepts of safety II, resiliency, and system analysis

  • Experience the value from applying methods beyond the basic improvement methods

Registration: $75

Registration for all three events: $200

Free for CHER members

To register for these workshops:



O’Bryant African American Institute

Cabral Center

40 Leon St.

Boston MA


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