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Healthcare IE Senior Capstone Projects

Capstone Senior Design is the final required course for the Bachelor’s degree; it provides the opportunity for students to integrate their curricular and experiential journeys into a multi-semester team project with a real-world outcome.


In the project assignment process, design teams are self-formed, or configured of students with similar interest areas. Each project includes the use of open-ended problems, development and application of research and design methodologies, formulation of design problem statements and specifications, generation and consideration of alternative solutions, along with safety, usability and feasibility considerations, and detailed system descriptions. It also includes realistic constraints such as economic factors, sustainability, along with global and social impact, to name a few.  Throughout the Capstone experience, students are also challenged to think and act as a ‘team’ and to consider how notions of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging affect their decisions, actions, and results.

We've been participating in Capstone projects for over

the past twenty years. See some examples of our work below:

Screenshot (465).png

Brigham and Women's Emergency Department Observation Unit Process Improvement

2013 Capstone

If you are member of a Healthcare System that is interested in working with a Senior Capstone group, please click below:

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