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VERC Education

NE-VERC has a balance of formal, informal, and experiential education activities to serve the distinct needs necessary to achieve the Center's larger mission, aligned with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) 8 domains of healthcare knowledge. Each domain relates specific knowledge from the fields of systems engineering, operations management, and cognitive psychology. As such we have attempted to map these core Office of School Education (OSE) principles and skills onto the eight domains of healthcare knowledge. We are combining these domains with existing knowledge and experience with adult learning theory to provide relevant goal-oriented education about the incorporation of engineering into healthcare settings. Our education program is conceptualized as a matrix mapping these domains, adult learning theory, and types of individuals and key groups we wish to reach, including:


  1. Professionals in training: Engineering students in graduate and undergraduate training; Healthcare professionals in training

  2. Clinical and support professionals: Members of the current healthcare work force

  3. Healthcare leadership professionals

  4. Experts: Engineering faculty, health services researchers, experienced improvement professionals

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