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Gathering of the Fellows 2014


Northeastern University, Curry Center Ballroom, 346 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115



Day 1 will focus on project presentations, panels, and discussions, followed by a poster networking reception.

8:00 -


8:30 -


9:00 - 


10:00 -


10:15 -


10:45 - 


12:00 -



1:15 -




2:15 -


2:30 -









4:00 -


4:30 -

Registration, coffee, continental breakfast

Welcome and introductions [James Benneyan, HSyE, and Vince Watts, VA NCPS]


Session 1

Preventing Surgical Stapler Adverse Events: A Simulation-Based Curriculum [Helen J.A. Fuller, VA NCPS]

The Human Factors Analysis and Classification System: An Alternative to Root Cause Analysis [Awatef Ergai, HSyE]

Virtual Patient Simulation: A Method to Validate a Theory of Medical Diagnosis [Daniel Nystrom, VA NCPS]


Networking break, posters, coffee



Healthcare Systems Engineering as an Improvement Strategy [James Benneyan, HSyE]


Session 2

Reducing Central Line Infections in the Medical Intensive Car Unit [Dominic Breuer, Ali Hobbs, Nicole Reppucci, HSyE]

General Quality Improvement with Falls [Tiffany Kim, VA NCPS]

Modeling the Spread of Outpatient Infections [Cory Stasko, HSyE]


Lunch Plenary

The Elephant in the Room: A Culture of Disrespect [Lucian Leape, MD, Harvard School of Public Health]


Session 3

Your Target May be Wrong [Theodore Dushane, VA NCPS]

Antibiotic Stewardship from a Tragedy of the Commons Perspective [Brendan Bettinger, HSyE]


Networking break, posters, coffee


Moderated Poster Reception

CMS HSyE Demonstration Project [James Benneyan, HSyE]

Simulation of ED OUs [Kendall Sanderson, Cory Stasko, HSyE]

Work Domain Analysis Applied to Medical Diagnosis [Daniel Nystrom, VA NCPS]

Provider Perspectives on Challenges to Patient Centered Care at the End of Life [Shani Bardach]

Regional HAI Surveillance via SPC [Salah Haridy, Nicholas Andrianas, HSyE]

Curing Outside Utilization [Hande Musdal, Parth Vadera, Onur Uzunlar, HSyE]

CLABSI Reduction [Dominic Breuer, Ali Hobbs, HSyE]

Other presenters [Helen Fuller, Ted Dushane, Hammon Adjei, Paul Desh, Allyson Duffy, Tisha Poserina, Roksolana Starodub, Shweta Shah]


Closing comments [James Benneyan, HSyE, Vince Watts, VA NCPS]



Day 2 will be an interactive, co-learning workshop with activities and exercises focused on the basics of computer simulation.

8:30 -

9:00 -

9:30 -

10:15 -

10:30 -

11:00 -

11:30 -

12:00 -

1:00 -

2:00 -

2:30 -

3:00 -

Coffee and continental breakfast



Exercise 1

Basic simulation concepts


Exercise 2

Process logic simulation (simple models)


Exercise 3

Clinical and safety simulation (more advanced models)

Putting it all together


Representing process logic

Representing variation

Running simulation models, survey of advanced topics



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