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COVID-19 Publications and Research Reports

Covid-19 Modeling and Analytics Team

James Benneyan, PhD, Team Lead

1. Covid-19

Benneyan J, Bargal B, Yap S, Kaya Y (2020). A hospital surge capacity bed, equipment, and staff demand planning model, Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute technical report, Northeastern University.


How to stay ahead of hospital shortages, News@Northeastern, April 16, 2020,


Benneyan J, Nehls N, Ilies I (2020). Performance and corrections to a proposed statistical control chart method for monitoring Covid-19 infection and mortality data, under review. White paper forthcoming here.


Benneyan J, Gehrke C, Ilies I, Nehls N (2020). Potential community and campus Covid-19 outcomes under university and college reopening scenarios, Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute technical report, Northeastern University., forthcoming.


2. Related Epidemic Publications

a. Opioid epidemic


Benneyan J, Garrahan I, Ilies I, Duan X (2017). Modeling approaches, challenges, and preliminary results for the opioid and heroin co-epidemic crisis, Proc Winter Simulation Conference, 2821-2832. 10.1109/WSC.2017.8248006


Benneyan J, Yang Y, Garrahan J, Ilies I (2020). Model-based analysis of the U.S. opioid and heroin co-epidemic, Management Science, under review.


Benneyan J, Musdal H, Guevara N, King M, Jenkins G, Savino A, Nehls N, Lord M, Junod C, Jacobson M (2017). Addressing the opioid epidemic: Treatment capacity expansion to reduce care disparities for opioid addiction disorders, Proc Winter Simulation Conference, 4580-4581 10.1109/WSC.2017.8248214


Ilies I, Benneyan J (2020). Parameterizing multi-drug multi-region drug epidemic models via metaheuristic search, under review.


Butler S, Budman S, Licari A, Lioy K, Dickinson J, Brownstein J, Benneyan J, Katz N (2008), National addictions vigilance intervention and prevention program: the NAVIPPRO system for monitoring prescription drug abuse surveillance, Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, 17(12):1142-54.


Benneyan J, Butler S, Villapiano A, Katz N, Duffy M, Budman S (2011), A statistical process control approach to prescription medication and opioid abuse surveillance, Journal of Addiction Medicine, 5(2): 99-109.


Bargal B, Benneyan J, Eisner J, Alev A, Singer S (2018), Use of systems-theoretic process analysis to design safer opioid prescribing processes, IISE Transactions on Occupation Ergonomics and Human Factors, 6:3-4, 200-208, 10.1080/24725838.2018.1521887.


Fuller T, Garabedian P, Lemonias D, Joyce E, Schnipper J, Harry E, Bates D, Dalal A, Benneyan J (2020). Assessing the cognitive and work load of an electronic patient safety dashboard in the context of opioid prescribing, Applied Ergonomics, 85,


b. Vaping epidemic


Benneyan J, Wotton E, Gehrke C, Nehls N (2019). Vaping epidemic modeling results, Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute technical report, Northeastern University.


Benneyan J, Gehrke C (2020). Systems engineering approaches to address the U.S. vaping and e-cigarette epidemic, presentation to the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference, Savannah Georgia, Feb 27-28, 2020.


Danthinne E, Bilantuono A, Benneyan J (2020). System dynamics modeling intervention analysis of the vaping epidemic among U.S. college students. Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute technical report, Northeastern University.


c. Outbreak detection methods


Baker A, Benneyan J, Nehls N, Ilieş I, Anderson D (2020), Use of optimized dual statistical process control charts for early detection of surgical site infection outbreaks, BMJ Quality and Safety in Healthcare,


Ilies I, Anderson D, Baker A, Jacobson M, Salem J, Benneyan J (2019). Large-scale empirical optimization of statistical control charts to detect clinically-relevant increases in surgical site infection rates, BMJ Quality and Safety in Healthcare, 2020;29:472-481,


Brown S, Benneyan J, Theobald D, Sands K, Hahn M, Potter-Bynoe G, Stelling J, O'Brien T, Goldmann D (2002). Binary cumulative sums and moving averages in nosocomial cluster detection, Emerging Infectious Diseases, 8(12):1426-1432.


Curran E, Harper P, Loveday H, Gilmour H, Jones S, Benneyan J, Hood J, Pratt R (2008). Results of a multi-centre randomised control trial of statistical process control charts and structured diagnostic tools to reduce ward-acquired methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus – The CHART project, Journal of Hospital Infection, 70:127-135.


Benneyan J, Borgman A (2003). Risk-adjusted sequential probability ratio tests and longitudinal surveillance methods, International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 15(1):5-6.


Benneyan J (2001). Number-between g-type statistical control charts for monitoring adverse events, Health Care Management Science, 4:305-318.


Chen B, Matis T, Benneyan J (2011). Improved one-sided control charts for the mean of a positively-skewed population using truncated saddlepoint approximations, Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 27(8), 1043-1058.

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