Surge Capacity Bed Management Tools

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Version 1.4


General Surge Capacity Model

Last Updated: April 26, 2020

  • Predict 1-30 day ahead MedSurge, ICU, staffing, PPE & ventilator demand.

  • Excel-based (no macros)

  • Easiest to use

  • Deterministic and random options

  • Accuracy tracker

Version 2




  • Requires Excel macros

  • Expanded functionality (admission curve fitting, forecasting)

  • Full random simulation capability

  • Autocalibration

Coming Soon - Please check back:

CDC´s PPE tool

  • Estimates a hospital´s consumption rate PPE by type

  • Plots number days remaining stock 

Tool Accuracy

To help us and you study accuracy, two options: (1) use the Accuracy Tracker worksheet in the tool, or (2) email us your completed file.​

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