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Current Projects

Read below description of current projects that are launched on a quarterly basis

Safety Mask

Despite significant progress in improving safety over the years, mainly using basic improvement methods, patient harm remains a major concern. New methods such as safety II have proven to be useful in other industries. Applying and assessing the utility of new safety methods to a problem of interest to the health systems is objective of this project.

3. Understanding Equity from a Systems                  Perspective

The quality and accessibility of care should not be affected by personal characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, geographic location, and socioeconomic status. This project aims to provide a systems engineering perspective on understanding how those characteristics drive inequitable healthcare services, and what we can do to prevent that. This is a candidate project to be launched in 2021.

Financial Report
4. Statistical Process Control (SPC)

The importance of healthcare system processes being in a state of statistical control is understated, with SPC charts at the forefront of measurement tools. This is a candidate project to be launched in 2021.

Covid 19
5. COVID-19, Opioid, and Vaping Epidemic              Modeling

The COVID-19 pandemic truly highlights the need for effective modeling tools that accurately capture the day-to-day changes to data. This can also be applied to the prevalence of opioids and e-cigarettes (vaping) that also exhibit similar characteristics. This is a candidate project to be launched in 2021.