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Center for Healthcare
Engineering Research

CHER Membership Levels and Benefits

Organizations can join CHER at any of several participation levels (and move between levels annually) based on needs, internal priorities, and budgets. For example, some organizations may want to start as an associate member initially to gauge "fit", or to graduate down from full member after building internal systems engineering capacity. A smaller health system may just want to participate as an affiliate member.

Budget levels thus have been created to maximize participation and accommodate a range of needs, with the University allowing reduced overhead to help further stretch membership contributions. All members can participate proportionally in CHER activities, projects, workshops, and meetings (full members serve as more direct test, have more input to projects, and greater access to student projects. 

We encourage you to join at whatever level fits best and believe the value will be clear.

Summary of Benefits (download PDF version here)

CHER Membership Infographic.png
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