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  • Significant cost impact with potential to test at other sites.

  • Evidence of triple aim impact (better health, better care, reduced cost).

  • Accessible data captured at the system.

  • Monthly run chart reporting.

Although the Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute does not require formal written agreements to conduct project work with health system partners, mutual agreements are available.

Health System Requirements

  • Two identified points of contact (MD, RN, Data Analyst, etc.).

  • Weekly communication and regular meetings with HSyE project team.

  • Reciprocal onboarding process.

Project Lifecycle

  • Health system submits project proposal form (project aim and baselines/estimates) to or HSyE staff member.

  • HSyE and health system scope project and complete project charter for review and approval for demonstration project (<1 month).

  • Team conducts industrial systems engineering project, implements solution, and sets up monitoring process.

  • Solution is implemented, evaluated, and refined. Click here for more information.

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