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We are very pleased with our growth and progress as we start moving from the “prototype” to “production” phase. From 2012-2013, our team has gained valuable experience from prototyping projects in the Boston area, and now we can accelerate our activities and standardize procedures and processes across multiple health systems. We continue to seek new projects with significant impact on cost, care, and health in Boston and beyond. Click here to submit a project proposal.

Four CMS Center launch projects have completed successful implementation and are being replicated for spread testing at VA Boston, MD Anderson, and Hallmark Health. The identified projects include: capacity consolidation at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, congestive heart failure readmissions at Lahey Health, primary care continuity and resident scheduling at Cambridge Health Alliance, and ultrasound accessibility and location optimization at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. The success of these launch projects is in part measured by significant impact on cost savings, ranging from $450,000/year at Lahey, to $1.8 million/year at Dana Farber.

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