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Gordon Engineering Leadership Program

Health care systems engineering concentration

The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program provides students the opportunity to partake in a unique post-baccalaureate program under the mentorship of academic and industry leaders, that includes the development of critical leadership skills, critical thinking skills across multiple engineering and science disciplines, and complete a hands-on, market-worthy Challenge Project with a sponsoring organization. Students may pursue the leadership certificate and a graduate track according to their personal degree program, or the leadership certificate alone.


"I came to Northeastern and the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program from Union College in Schenectady, New York, where I graduated with a BSME in 2011. I was a 2011 candidate fellow in the Gordon Program while interning for the Winchester Engineering & Analytical Center (WEAC), a field lab of the FDA, and working closely with Professor Benneyan. My Challenge Project was titled “The development of a priority-based process for the analysis of high-risk medical devices.” Essentially, I used concepts and tools such as stochastic dominance, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, and integer programming models to determine which devices pose the greatest risk to the public health. Not only did the Gordon Program help me refine technical skills, but through the completion of my Challenge Project, I was able to develop leadership skills, such as leading from the bottom (as an intern), developing and conveying a vision, and obtaining buy-in from stakeholders. Since completing the Gordon Program in 2012, I have completed my coursework for MSIE and have been hired full-time as an engineer at WEAC."

-Lauren Brown, 2013, MS Industrial Engineering

"After Graduating from Northeastern with a BSIE I decided to stay to pursue my Masters (also in IE) while working as a research assistant at NU’s Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute.  I was also accepted to be part of the Gordon Engineering Leadership program.  This program not only challenged my technical abilities, but also spurred self-examination and discovery.  The high level of learning in the program mirrors the level of work required to complete it, forcing lessons in time management, team work, and efficiency.  My challenge project, titled ‘Resident Team Scheduling for Primary Care Continuity’, used linear programming methods to optimize care-team coverage in a local resident-based primary care clinic.  This project met objectives of both the HSyE Institute (demonstrating measurable impact, providing insights to heath systems operational data, educating students, bringing exposure to our capabilities), and the Gordon program (technically challenging, bringing market value to an organization, developing skills in leadership).  The Gordon program offers motivational lectures, while also providing the candidates with an outstanding support system. Feedback on writing and presenting skills throughout the program make a huge impact on the candidate’s ability to portray a message with confidence and clarity.  Pending acceptance of my challenge project, I will complete the Gordon program in August of this year (2013), and plan to continue my Masters work and graduate with the class of 2014."

-Rachel Miller, 2014, MS Industrial Engineering

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