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Other Models and Data Sources

Data Sources

Other Models


Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases Data 

Short Description 

Dashboard and CSV files with daily number of confirmed cases, deaths, and recovered cases globally and for each country  

(compiled by Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering Center) 



Graphs and tables with total and new number of confirmed, deaths, recovered, active, and serious/critical cases for each country 

Our World in Data: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – the data 

Graphs and CSV files with daily total and new number of confirmed cases and deaths for each country, relative to size of populations,   trajectories/ doubling rate trend lines, as well as number of tests conducted by each country 

Cases in U.S. | CDC 

Heat maps and histograms of total cases and deaths by report date and illness onset date 

World Health Organization: Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) situation reports 

Daily reports of total and new confirmed cases and deaths along with transmission classification and days until last reported case globally and at regional level 

Coronavirus Dashboard 

Dashboard of confirmed cases and deaths with changes by day, recovered cases, and serious cases 

Harvard Dataverse 

It contains COVID-19 Daily Cases with US basemap, including state and county-level data. However, for the county-level recovered data, it is available till March 17, 2020 

Internet Book of Critical Care (IBCC)

Book used for information regarding the COVID-19; Infection Control, Diagnosis, Treatments, Prognosis.


Short Description 


Coronavirus: Why you must act now 

Summary of cases per country over time, growth rates, histogram of cases with timeline of events, tests performed by each country, projections of fatality rates for specific countries, models to show effectiveness of acting early, social distancing, containment, risked based models, and the consequences of waiting 

Vensim Community Coronavirus Model

This video explores a simple epidemic model parameterized for coronavirus in Bozeman/Gallatin County, Montana.

Epidemic Tool Calculator

This site contains an online epidemic calculator that simulates the disease's progression at a higher resolution, subdividing I,RI,R into mild (patients who recover without the need for hospitalization), moderate (patients who require hospitalization but survive) and fatal (patients who require hospitalization and do not survive)

Epidemic Tool Calculator

Use global metapopulation disease transmission model to project impact of travel limitations on national and international spread of the epidemic 

Coronavirus model shows individual hospitals what to expect in the coming weeks 

Susceptible Infected Recovered (SIR) Model that takes known number of cases in each category and best estimates of infection rates, hospitalization rates, utilization rates of ICU beds and ventilators to model infectious disease spread 

Reporting, epidemic growth, and reproduction numbers for the 2019-nCoV epidemic: understanding control 

Model/tool user can specify serial interval days, outbreak start date, control start date, initial number of cases, basic reproductive number and effective reproductive number with control to model outbreak trajectory and understand control 

Coronavirus - When should you close your office? 

Google spreadsheet model that allows offices and businesses to assess the likely number of cases in the area, the probability that employees are already infected, how it evolves over time, and how to determine if the business should be open 

Penn-Medicine – COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics 

Model/tool allows hospitals to enter how many confirmed Covid-19 cases are in the region it draws patients from and how many inpatients it is currently treating to see what might be in store and compare that to its capacity 

CDC PPE tool

Tool that allows estimation and availability of Personal Protective Equipment

COVID-19 Projections

COVID-19 projections assuming full social distancing through May 2020.

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