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Tze Sheng Yap, B.S.


Shane started his journey in healthcare back when he just graduated from Secondary School in Malaysia. With his lifelong passion to give back to people as well as his strong affection for the TV show "Bones", he began to focus on getting into medical school by entering the A-levels program. After an arduous 6 months of rigorous rote learning and intense soul searching, he decided to leave the program and pursue Industrial Engineering instead where he found himself at the Ohio State University. During his time there, he attended the 2018 SHS HSPI Conference in Atlanta where he had learned of HSyE for the first time, and introduced himself to Dr. Benneyan which eventually led to an internship opportunity at the institute. The experience, which served as a turning point in his life, eventually led Shane to return after graduating as a full-time Systems Engineer.

As someone who can't get enough of trying new things, Shane has been involved in a myriad of interests and activities since young which include vegetable gardening, collegiate a Cappella, creative writing, and table tennis, to name a few. He currently has 27 houseplants (and counting) in his apartment and is planning to double that when spring comes. He is also quadlingual and loves to read Murakami books in his spare time.

Project Involvement at HSyE

Joined HSyE: 2018
Hometown: Malacca, Malaysia
Education: BSc, Industrial & Systems Engineering, The Ohio State University (2018)

Research Interests: Diagnostic Error, Simulation, Lean Six Sigma, SPC, Programming

Hobbies: Cooking, Making music, Video games, Plants

AHRQ R18 PSLL - BIDMC Closed Loop Diagnostics (2019-Present)
CHER (Present)
SPC Sofware in Excel (2018 - Present)
HSyE Website Content Manager (Present)
COVID Predictive Bed Demand Tool (2020)
EHRLL - BCH Improving Spinal Fusion Surgery (2018-2020)
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