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About NE-VERC  



The overall vision of the New England Veterans Engineering Resource Center (NE-VERC) is to integrate systems engineering principles and methods into the fabric of VA healthcare operations by building a unique collaboration to spread innovative engineering solutions. The objective is that the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) becomes a self-improving system with robust capabilities to address new needs arising over time. To accomplish this objective, NE-VERC has created a strong synergistic partnership between VISN 1, Northeastern University, and other academic partners that leverages our successful history of commitment and improvement of infrastructure, existing VISN 1 initiatives, and leading national academic experts in healthcare systems engineering and related fields.

NE-VERC's Vision

To: Integrate the principles and methods of systems engineering and related process improvement approaches into the daily fabric of healthcare delivery.


By: Creating a dynamic collaboration to foster the development, application, education, and spread of operational systems engineering methods.


So: Veterans Health Administration (VHA) will become a self-improving healthcare system with strong capability to address new needs and concerns that arise over time.

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