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Corey Balint

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As a former undergraduate student at Northeastern, Corey worked on various projects at the University. His first move into research was a study on "The Use of Peers as Quality Managers in Engineering Class Instruction" with Professor Beverly Jaeger. He later worked with Professor Jaeger on an independent study for the Digital Simulations course. He worked on this project for over a semester helping to generate content for the course as well as teaching a course, all with 'Quality Managers' in mind. Corey has worked at HSyE for a few years and has held a number of positions, including co-op student at the VA Medical Center, work study student editing and reviewing papers, summer intern simulating a new outpatient facility for Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, and grad student researching DOE, Social Network Analysis, and more. In his current position as a Staff Engineer, Corey works in various capacities with a strong interest in curriculum development and undergraduate projects and mentoring. His hobbies include sports management, sports analytics, travel, cooking, board games, TV, and movies.

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