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Sara Nourazari

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BS, Electrical Engineering, K.N.Toosi University (2007); MS, Electrical Engineering, University of Oklahoma (2009)


Research Interests: Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, Non-Linear Optimization, Patient Flow, Appointment Access Systems, Scheduling


Sara completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Systems and Control. Over the course of her graduate studies, her research area mainly centered on mathematical modeling and non-linear optimization. She has worked on different research projects including: 1. Developing advanced methods for inversion of large data collected to estimate unknown properties of complex environments, 2. Dynamic physics based modeling and optimization, supported by the Dynamic Structures Sensing and Control Center at the University of Oklahoma, 3. Rule extraction from Support Vector Machines with applications to medical diagnosis. As a PhD student, her research focuses on adaptive control of healthcare queues. In this research she explores the use of automation engineering to optimally adapt service capacities in order to achieve specified performance levels under a variety of assumptions. Sara has also served as trainer of Professional Ethics Training and a Capstone Project Mentor. Her hobbies include dancing, horseback riding, cooking, and travel.

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