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Patient-Centered Fall Prevention Toolkit

Falls are a leading cause of preventable injury in healthcare and a frequently reported adverse event. The Patient-Centered Fall Prevention Toolkit:

  1. Engages patients and caregivers in the design of health information technology tools to prevent patient falls and related injury during an acute hospitalization.

  2. Partners with patients, families, and other stakeholders to refine and discover what is needed for successful implementation.

  3. Evaluates the toolkit’s effects on falls risk communication, coordination of care, patient falls, and fall-related injuries.

Patient Safety Checklist Tool

Fragmentation of healthcare poses a threat to patient safety and leads to inefficient, low-value care. A Patient Safety Checklist Tool used by healthcare providers, patients, and families aims to improve patient safety and quality outcomes, provider efficiency, and team communication.

The Checklist Tool will be tested and refined by healthcare providers and patients to discover what factors best facilitate patient engagement with safety.

The Checklist Tool aims to answer the following:

  • What care elements should be reviewed by healthcare providers during daily rounds?

  • What care elements should be made visible in an electronic dashboard?

  • What clinical content should be displayed for decision making and patient engagement?

My SafeCare Patient Safety Reporting System

Patient preferences for communicating and reporting concerns are largely unknown, limiting the potential to develop targeted and comprehensive patient safety solutions. The MySafeCare Patient Safety Reporting System aims to evaluate the impact of a reporting system on patient safety and foster a community of learning within the health system.

Patient, family, and care partner preferences will inform the development, testing, and optimization of MySafeCare to provide a more complete system of care reporting.

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