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2015 In-Service Schedule


Methods & Skills


Week 1

Week 2

Guest Lecture:

EMRs by Nadine Hill

Week 3

Week 4


CPlex Optimization Software

Week 5


Healthcare Innovation - CMS/CMMI/JCAHO

Week 6

R Statistical Software

Week 7

Guest Lecture: Dr. Joe Kimura, Atrius Health, Analytics

Affordable Care Act

Guest Speaker: Dr. Russ Phillips, HMS, Primary Care

Week 8

Industrial Engineering in Population Health


Week 9

Medical Decision Making


Patient Safety

Week 10

Healthcare Policy


Healthcare Finance

Week 11

The Logistics, Paperwork, and Alphabet of Health Research

Healthcare Industrial Engineering in the Real World

Guest Speaker: Dr. Rosenblatt, Lahey CMO Perspectives

Week 12

Final week - intern presentations

Final week - intern presentations

Final week - intern presentations

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